Audrey De Boer delivers her brand of Indie R&B so beautifully. Her latest track, ‘S L E E P’ narrates the trauma of fears haunting your mind at night and leaving you sleepless.

It’s about reclaiming yourself from fears or abuse that make you feel trapped and/or held down but you know that someday you are going to get through it and you will be okay. 

Speaking about the track, Audrey said:

“I hope that my lyrics, will resonate with my listeners as the meaning of the lyrics may hit home with people even with different fears and struggles. I wrote S L E E P about sleep paralysis which I have and still struggle with. Fear and anxiety is the root of this song and I feel that I needed the vibe of the song to be much more raw than my previous songs.”

Hear it below

This track is an impressive look at what we can expect from this artist. I’m looking forward to more music.