I was first introduced to Annalie Prime in 2016 when she did a cover of Drake’s ‘One Dance’, giving it an authentic Caribbean twist, and that blew me away then, and I knew this was an artist that was going to do big things.

Many years later, Annalie has really blossomed and now has the support of many in her home of Trinidad and Tobago and beyond. I see the response to her music and smile because I’m so happy that people feel what I’ve felt when I first listened to her music.

She recently released her album, ‘Nine’ and let me tell you, it is a masterpiece.

‘Lady Gone’ is the seventh track off the album, and it speaks about understanding your true power and finding the courage to walk away from any situation that may be holding you back from becoming your highest self. A new listener will describe her sound as World Music, but it’s 100 percent the sound of Trinidad and Tobago to us here at home.

Take it in below and enjoy.


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