Anja Kotar is one of my favorite artists for 2021. She first came into my life with her track, ‘Movie‘ and now she’s back with a new single and it is a dreamy slice of Pop perfection.

Speaking more on the release, Anja explained:

With not much else to do during quarantine, I started watching a lot of films (mostly romantic comedies) and started fantasizing about the perfect meet-cute. I’m a huge romantic and I always envisioned love like in the movies – deep and authentic, finding your ‘the one’ person in the most magical, beautiful way. I started writing ‘Love Song’ as sort of my thesis on how I view love, how I one day hope it turns out for me 🙂 I sent the demo to my friend and producer Dimitri Morris, and a few days later, he came back with this dreamy, almost Disney princess-like instrumental that can now be heard in the song. I hope that one day I get to play this to my husband and say: ‘see, I always knew it would be like this’. 🙂

Stream the song below and enjoy.