Alexander Stewart Releases ‘Back To You’, Celebrates 120 Million + Streams!

Alexander Stewart is absolutely everything. Quickly becoming one of the top independent artists to watch for in 2023, the Toronto born- LA based pop savant is on fire & never has that been clearer than with the release of the epic vibey ballad ‘Back To You’ out today!

Speaking of the single, Alexander explains,

’Back To You’ is a very honest and special song to me. It’s about how even when something ends, your heart and brain will find ways to remind you of the other person in almost everything you do. I was inspired while driving a friend to the airport, and even something as simple as that was a trigger that took me right back to when I drove to the airport with the person the song is about… How heartbreaking that trip was. I’ve moved thousands of miles from my hometown of Toronto to LA, and no matter how much I change or how different my life is, I’m still easily brought back to a place of heartbreak when anything reminds me of the relationship.”