You ever listened to a song, and it completely flips your day and makes it better? I just had that experience listening to Alex Slay’s ‘Deep End’. This song, described as “nostalgically soulful, a classic roller-rink sound with a modern twist” has become my newest obsession.

Speaking about ‘Deep End’, Alex Slay said:

“I wrote ‘Deep End’ after I began to emerge out of this really guarded, cautious emotional state. It’s about me jumping back into dating and letting myself fall in love again after a long time. I wanted to create something that just felt good and effortless, to capture this feeling of floating. I wanted it to feel chill and smooth while still being danceable. What I love most is that the song is reminiscent of this retro timeless sound I’ve always loved. It allowed me to incorporate my love for live music and live instrumentation into my artistry which, for me, really made the song feel alive. With that, I think this song signals the beginning of my rebrand. I really took my time with it and ended up making three revisions of the track, starting from scratch every time. I was looking for a specific sound and knew it wouldn’t feel right until I found it. All the time and effort it took was definitely worth it because I couldn’t be prouder of the finished product.”

Stream this beauty of a track below.

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