I’m still not over how good Afonso’s ‘Luz‘ was and now he has blessed my ears with his incredible track, ‘Bloom’. He grabs you immediately into his magical world as he reflects on the first stages of a relationship.

He is such a great storyteller. I’ll let this info explain what I mean:

“The song opens with the line, “Come and take a walk with me tonight”, as an introduction to the beginning of meeting someone. Through patterned rhythms and soulful chords, the song echoes how every sensation felt is mystical and carnal. To the singer, the key in this moment is that both parts feel harmonised in each other’s minds: “I’ll try and find, now. My way to your thoughts, now.” Through the earthy feel and hypnotising vocals, the singer loses himself in nature, symbolising the feeling of falling for someone. After all is said, the harmony comes down into a hazy atmosphere and suddenly blasts into a strong groove, reflecting the change in one’s emotions when meeting someone new.”

And he does all of this over a jazzy groove that will make you feel something in your soul.



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