3LAU drops his IRIDESCENT EP – featuring instrumentals from his SSX3LAU NFT collection

A pioneer at the cross-section of music and blockchain technology, 3LAU (a.k.a Justin Blau) is now sharing his IRIDESCENT EP, which consists of the music instrumentals from the producer’s esteemed SSX3LAU NFT collection.

SSX3LAU​ is a collaborative project between renowned artist ​Slimesunday​ & ​3LAU​. Slimesunday created animated artwork soundtracked by 3LAU’s unreleased music resulting in ​a collection of NFTs​.

Now fans everywhere can enjoy the instrumentals from that collection. The first track, ‘Flux’ is a bouncy yet dark house track. ‘Faces’ harnesses a bit of Trance vibes in its melody and tempo.’ Flow’ has a gorgeous progressive melody, and closing out the work is ‘Gunky’s Uprising’, which boasts a darker electroproduction.

Releasing these instrumentals after the initial NFT drop is part of 3LAU’s exploration of adding value to collecting music beyond the music itself. Token holders will own 100% of master and publishing rights to each song on the EP, which means they will receive 100% of all income generated from the release.