Tobias Dray comes through with an amazing track. ‘Sunsets’, which features Knightly’s flawless vocals, is the perfect track to listen to while taking a long drive with friends or even in your room by yourself. You’ll find yourself really vibing to the track.

Speaking about the song, Tobias said:

I feel like ‘Sunsets’ reminds me of a mix between Phoebe Bridgers, Destiny Rogers and Holly Humberstone. I discovered Knightly on a Spotify playlist and as soon as I heard her voice, I knew this could fit so well in this track. The track has a huge feeling of freedom, airy, and light. This is the track on the EP that is the most optimistic and comfort sonically speaking. What’s more, Knightly wrote the lyrics with those same feelings in mind, like when she says “I know I’ll be alright, be alright”. Now that I think about it it’s actually really cool to convey feelings just with sounds, and then the songwriter didn’t needed an explanation and just listened to the track and understood the major theme and feeling of the track. 

Stream it below

On November 23, the 25-year-old Paris-born producer/composer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist will release his debut EP ‘DAYDREAMER’.