Kristin Lash & Jakob Grey’s ‘Sleepin’ With The Lights On’ is a beauty to hear. The instrumentation will touch your heart and Kristin’s vocals will touch your soul.

‘Sleepin’ With The Lights On’ is the title track of their debut album.

Speaking about the project, Kristina said:

“It all started about 4 years ago in Prague when we found out that we really understand each other. Absolutely. Everything came spontaneously and we spent a lot of time together playing songs that we both love. But then we started to feel the need to create our music. And so came writing. Writing about everything we just felt and experienced. I think we are the types of people who think things through. In music, this is doubly true for us. We wouldn`t release anything that we wouldn`t be 100% satisfied with. The tracks from our debut Sleepin` With The Lights On are our personal memoirs. And in every song, certain time spent together plays its role.” Kristina