Young Dolph Raps About His "Major" Deals On New Song With Key Glock

Listen to Young Dolph’s new song “Major” featuring Key Glock.

Young Dolph has been relatively quite since he dropped f his surprise EP N****s Get Shot Everyday back in February, but thankfully that look to be changing soon. The Memphis native just announced that he’s readying a new album called Role Model, which will be dropping in three weeks on September 21st. Making the project available for pre-order on iTunes today, those you who take advantage the early purchase will receive this new song for free as an instant download called “Major” featuring Key Glock.

Over production from Bandplay, Dolph raps about coming from the gutter and turning dirt into diamonds, while referencing having millions on the table at a time. Despite the fortune that Dolph says he has here, it was reported last week that the Memphis rapper turned down a $22 million dollar deal, something I don’t think many people could’ve done.

Take a listen to the BandPlay-produced song and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mobbin’ in the Bentley (ayy), smokin’ moon rocks (hey)
Pocket full motherfuckin’ blue (blue), guap (guap)
Half an ounce in my Gucci tube (tube), socks (socks)
For the summertime got a new (what?), drop (skrrt)
Trapper slash rapper slash bad bitch snatcher (ayy come here)
Baby mama mad, she say you live like a bastard (so what?)
Sold a hundred pounds and gave ten percent to the pastor

– Dolph

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