Woman Sprays Crowd with Her Own Breast Milk at Dirtybird Campout

Champagne showers are one thing, but breast milk showers? We’ll let you decide. In today’s edition of the Internet, we’ve picked up what has become a viral video captured at Dirtybird Campout, which took place back in Southern California back in October. The shock factor of the video (shared below) comes when the woman in frame starts spraying her breast milk at fellow ravers. Yup.

In case some of you are still stuck in the office, here’s a visual description of what happens in the 42-second video. A woman in a black bodysuit is seen grooving to the music before suddenly spraying out some of her breast milk. Of course, the crowd around starts reacting, with one shouting “Oh sh*t!” and many others yelling “Oh my god!” But as is the case with music festivals, people tend to be supportive. Many in the background could be heard cheering the new mom on. One even took her support one step further by catching some of this breast milk in her mouth.

As with all things on the internet, comments tend to be more divided. First, we have the inquisitive minds, who have asked “Okay, but how does she produce so much milk?” Then, we have the critical ones, who questioned why the woman was “dispensing [her milk] to the public instead of her child”. And finally, this winner comment. “The breast milk is not a big deal, her squirting it like a Super Soaker is.”

Thanks to festival attendee Eric Falconi, you can also witness the moment itself. Check out the video below!

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