TYuS Commits To His Lover In Sensual Single "4U"

TyUs crafts another banger.

TYuS has been releasing singles since April. The Portland vocalist started with “Other Side/Brand New,” and then dropped f “Fantasy/Be Mine” and “T Shirt Interlude” later in the Summer. Now, TYuS is back with another slow banger that creates an atmospheric sensual vibe that lingers in the air long after the song is done. 

Entitled “4U,” TYuS’ latest single is short. Clocking in at just under three minutes, “4U” features an instrumental that exists somewhere in between late night driving introspection and intimate moments with a loved one. TYuS croons about a lover that he may have taken for granted in the past, but as far as “4U” is concerned, the singer has seen the error in his ways. TYuS dropped f a music video for the new single as well, which is directed by Puurple.

Quotable Lyrics
I wasn’t tryna fool myself
I wasn’t bout to tell myself I’m wrong
I put those reasons on the shelf
‘Cause I’ve been fucking with you way too long, to run
So tell me what’ll break me now
So tell me what’ll run me out my time
Pay those thoughts no mind
Just one look and I’m reminded

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