ToonSquad and LAV8 Release 'Waste Time' Featuring BAER

As a follow up to ToonSquad’s “Save The World” and LAV8’s “Distance,” the two producers have joined together to release the majestic new single “Waste Time.” For this chilled out new single, ToonSquad and LAV8 went with the soothing vocals of BAER.

“When ToonSquad sent me their original track, the first feelings I felt upon hearing it was how beautiful, slightly bittersweet and innocent it was,” said BAER. “I just saw this picture of a pair of lovers dancing with each other in a burning room. Also, on some subconscious level, I was feeling that my boyfriend and I weren’t spending as much intimate time together, being both so busy. That’s when I wrote the line – “if we had 24 hours left, would you come and waste time with me?” – because that’s the kind of presence I wanted from him. Like nothing else mattered besides kicking it and wasting time with me, even if time was limited. On a bigger scale though, it’s really about going 100% for the people and things that you love, no matter the turnout or the crash.”

So without further adieu, stream ToonSquad, LAV8, and BAER’s new “Waste Time” below.

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