Tiesto and Dzeko Team Up For New Single 'Halfway There' Featuring A Trance Inspired Melody

While Tiesto and Dzeko’s new single is no doubt not trance, its melody will instantly give longtime fans a feeling of awe in the stomachs. ‘Halfway There’ featuring Lena Leon on vocals is a gorgeous melody driven big room tune.

While it is obvious that Tiesto has moved away from his roots in euphoric trance, this track clearly is inspired by many of his past ventures. The main hook of the tune features synths reminiscent of those used in ‘Lethal Industry’ and the overall melody can fit right at home on his last trance LP, Kaliedoscope.

For a long time Tijs fan like myself, this is as good of a tune as I can ask for. It seems that in recent years Tiesto has found a way to bridge the gap between productions which please both the hardcore and casual dance music fan. In the end, that’s what electronic music is all about – bringing people, however unlikely to associate, together.

Check out the new single below.

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