Seven Lions and Dimibo Alias Abraxis Releases New Amygdala Mix

Seven Lions and Dimibo Alias Abraxis Releases New Amygdala Mix

If you like Psytrance mixed with a splash of dubstep then Abraxis is the perfect newly created alias for you to check out. The alias consists of melodic dubstep king Seven Lions and psytrance duo Dimibo

Yesterday, Abraxis unleashed their new Amygdala Mix. This mix includes heavy Psytrance tracks that meshes perfectly with middle eastern inspired melodies. The mix also incorporates remixed versions of Seven Lion’s renowned releases such as ‘Island’; which was released last year with Wooli and Trivecta. Along with ‘After Dark’ which is a psytrance collaboration between Seven Lions and Blastoyz

If you have not had the chance to see Abraxis before, the Amygdala Mix is a perfect taste of what their live sets sound like. 

Although the side project of the two artists has just started, Abraxis has been off to a strong start. They have recently played Insomniac’s Dreamstate festival and are headed to EDC Las Vegas in May.  

Be sure to check out the new mix below! 


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