In June 2019, pioneering South African artist Ryan Murgatroyd celebrated the launch of his new imprint Swoon Recordings with the release of a deep and expansive two-track extended player titled ‘Wicked Eyes’.

Almost three months on from
Swoon Recordings’ debut offering, and with Wicked Eyes still making serious
waves across sound systems and dance floors the world over, the
Johannesburg-based producer unveils his all-important follow up release on the
burgeoning South African label.

Titled ‘Is That You’, this sophomore release sees Murgatroyd explore a slightly different sonic path to its predecessor, as he delivers a standalone original mix, brimming with ambient piano refrains, tense discordant arpeggios and chugging beats across its transcendent nine-minute duration. Check out the single below and let us what you think about it!

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