Porter Robinson's Second Sky Festival Sold Out So Fast, An Additional Day Was Added, Which Again, Sold Out Immediately

Porter Robinson is over the moon somewhere right now. As the pre-sale began for his first curated festival, it sold out in the blink of an eye. In fact, the event sold out so fast that organizers decided to add a second day.

The second day of the festival would feature the same lineup, besides G Jones as he had a prior commitment. Once everything was together, Porter and his team once again released tickets for Day 2. Again, in the pre-sale, the event sold out insanely quick. We are talking minutes here folks, not hours.

Turns out the demand for Porter’s Second Sky event is incredibly high. Between his legions of loyal fans, as well as his beautifully curated line of unique acts attracting fans from all corners of the EDM world – Porter’s first festival has already been deemed a massive success.

Second sky sold out in presale… they are looking to add second day from r/EDM

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