Pig & Dan Release New EP, 'Tunnel Vision, Pt. 1'

DJ/Producer duo Pig & Dan (Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua) recently released their newest EP, Tunnel Vision Pt. 1. It’s a wonderfully crafted and technical EP.

The songs found in the album themselves have a diverse profile yet sink into the collective beautifully. They smoothly build off one another and continue the darkened album theme with a variety of sounds that keeps you wanting more. The songs run quite long but honestly, like a good film, you don’t notice the runtime. You just notice the structure and level of craft in those methodical choices. You enjoy it truly as a listener but also appreciate it at the same time as a musician or artist.

The song that stands out for me most; while in all fairness, I adore every single one of these tracks, has to be ‘Traces.’ Its got a really beautiful shadow of a melody that carries it throughout. The track still has a visceral theme to it, but there’s almost a redemption or hope in the melody while all these other vast and guttural elements play through. It’s a beautiful track and it really stood out to me.

The EP overall is a well-rounded kaleidoscope of darkness that with each twist, shows there’s more than what meets the surface. I can’t wait to hear what else Pig & Dan have in store for us!

If you’re a fan of techno and darker tech, do give this a listen. It’s a brilliant example of the technical side of the craft.


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