Owen Norton Remixes The Chainsmokers' New Hit

After gaining over a million views on his remix The Chainsmokers’ song, ‘Young’, Owen Norton once again impressed his melodic vibe on another Chainsmokers release. With big chords, impactful drums, and an infectious vocal arrangement, Owen puts a future bass twist on The Chainsmokers’ acoustic ballad, ‘Sick Boy’.

Although he is only 18 years old, Owen Norton has been producing since 2012. He draws influence from some his favorite artists to include: Flume, Kaytranda, Justin Bieber, and The Chainsmokers. Owen’s goal for 2018 is to drop a ton good music, and with a few more remixes as well as singles coming up, he’ll make that happen!

Check out Owen Norton’s remix ‘Sick Boy’ here:

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