Odesza Featured In New Game Of Thrones Season Teaser

In case you didn’t know, Game of Thrones’ final season debuted last night on HBO. Fans have been waiting nearly two years for the shows final season to take place. In order to ramp the excitement, even more, HBO debuted a countdown teaser video for the upcoming season. Fans were quick to notice that the video was set to Odesza’s ‘Corners of the Earth’.

This marks the second time in the last 6 months Odesza has been featured in a major television production, as their hit single, ‘Loyal’ was used in the latest iPhone commercial for Apple which was debuted during the companies keynote.

HBO had a bit of a blunder when they accidentally credited the music to XAMBASSADORS instead of Odesza, but the error has since been corrected. Check out the clip below with Odesza and Game of Thrones, and don’t worry there are no spoilers to be found here. Just quality music.

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