New Skrillex & DJ Snake Collaboration Is In The Works

DJ Snake & Skrillex are without a doubt two of the biggest names in Dance Music. From the looks of things, they aren’t slowing down any time soon. While Snake is busy launching labels and destroying Coachella, Skrill has been busy in the studio and touring worldwide. It goes without saying that the two of these superstar DJ/ Record Producers are rather busy. It is easy to see that they don’t have time for much else other than music.

An Instagram user by the name of “ricothe1st” recently posted on DJ Snake‘s account, to ask if there was a “New Skrillex collab in the works”. To this, DJ Snake promptly replied that they “…have something, but we’re both busy rt now”.

Back in 2016, the two teamed up on the colossal ‘Sahara‘, which ended up making it’s way onto DJ Snake’s debut album ‘Encore‘. If this is any indication of what their new track is going to be like, we are definitely in for a treat. The original post can be found below.

New Skrillex & DJ Snake Collaboration Is In The Works

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