Yotto Returns to Anjunadeep With New 'Daydreaming' EP

Yotto is back in familiar territory. The Finnish superstar DJ returns to Anjunadeep after almost a year long hiatus from it. Two of his much awaited releases see the light of day through the label which used to be his home prior to launching Odd One Out. Yotto went back to his roots with these two tracks, aptly titled ‘Another Riff for The Good Times’ and ‘Daydreaming.’ With the comeback of his signature sounds that mainly graced his tenure with Anjunadeep over the years, this one is for the classic Yotto fans.

Track Breakdown

‘Another Riff For The Good Times’ marks the restoration of the revered deep house chords that mostly defined the Finn during his time at Anjunadeep. It’s a pleasant deviation from his native Odd One Out releases that are more upbeat. Moreover, it’s rumored to be the last EP for his earlier abode, now that he has carved out his own. Remains to be seen whether he picks up the keyboard for Anjunadeep again post these masterpieces.

Daydreaming is more exuberant in approach with multiple elements gracing the majority of the track duration. It can be looked upon as more of the banger in the EP that can scorch a club or festival alike. The track is around 3 years old, and adored some of the man’s sets prior to him starting his label. It also made its way onto the Anjunadeep 11 compilation which released earlier this year.