That Daft Punk Movie Score is Just a Rumor

Recently, there were reports that Daft Punk would be scoring an upcoming film titled Dark Glasses (Occhiali Neri). However, it looks like this news may have just been more rumors on the French music duo. Unfortunately, movie producers of Dario Argento’s feature have made a statement against the reports. Therefore, Daft Punk has no association with the film’s score.

The reports first began when Dario Argento spoke with Italian publication, La Repubblica. He reportedly said that Daft Punk was on board to work on the score of Dark Glasses. He states:

They Know all my films. They learned through a mutual French friend that I was working on a new film and they contacted me to tell me that they wanted to collaborate with me.” 

Daft Punk

According to Screen Daily, Movie producers Conchita Airoldi and Brahim Chioua claim that Argento’s words are more like a desire than an agreement. The statement states:

“Urania Pictures and Getaway Films, producers of Dario Argento’s ‘Dark Glasses,’ wish to react to the rumors currently circulating, following an interview in ‘La Repubblica’ in which Argento stated that Daft Punk were to compose the soundtrack of his new movie.”

“This statement reflects Argento’s desire to work with Daft Punk, however, there has been no agreement nor discussions between both parties. The movie is currently in pre-production, and Dario’s wish is not on today’s agenda.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this story.