SoundCloud Announces $15M Plan To Support Artists During COVID19

SoundCloud continues to move forward with more ways to support artists during the global Coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the platform unveiled a multitude of initiatives to help artists affected by the global crisis. On Thursday, April 2, SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor announced a $15 million plan to support artists both now, and in the long-term.

SoundCloud and Twitch recently partnered up to help musicians monetize their streams by providing access to Twitch’s affiliate program. Now, with the current state of the world, creatives are unable to perform due to mass quarantine lockdown. They can now add a special button to their SoundCloud profiles, allowing a link to their direct fan support outlets. Creators can link to their Kickstarter, Patreon, Bandcamp, Paypal, and more. SoundCloud will also pick five creators to be featured for promotion, once their uploads are tagged with #GetMorePlay. The company will also give away all of its Promote on SoundCloud inventory (valued at $5 million) for free.

Additionally, SoundCloud is launching its Repost by SoundCloud program immediately. Repost is SoundCloud’s new marketing and distribution service that gives independent artists access to professional marketing and monetization features. Also, artists have the option to apply for Repost Select, Soundcloud’s $10 million funded programs that will help new artists strengthen their careers. In-house account managers will work with artists by providing tailored marketing and promotional support for upcoming releases.

Applications for SoundCloud’s Repost Select are being accepted now. Apply for Repost Select here.