ODESZA and Golden Features Become "BRONSON", with Album on the Way

Some great news has just been announced by popular music duo ODESZA. They recently took to Twitter to share a new exciting project. Partnering with Australian producer Golden Features, the group will be called BRONSON.

In addition to the new project announcement, ODESZA and Golden Features have announced that a new collaborative album is on its way! They all took to social media to announce the ground-breaking news. Surely, these artists have been spending their time during quarantine very productively. We can’t wait to listen to the album once it’s been released.

ODESZA has been much more active lately, especially since the start of quarantine. Not only have they returned to the studio to make new music, but they also released a new mix titled NO.SLEEP mix. It feels like forever since they released their last album, A Moment Apart. Now, they will not only release an album, but they will also be doing it under a new project alias with Golden Features.


Stay tuned for the official BRONSON album release.