Nora En Pure

Swiss DJ Nora En Pure‘s new single ‘In Your Eyes’ is a spacious melodic deep house track. This release is driven by atmospheric vocals, drawing you in from the start.

‘In Your Eyes’ feels like a ghost passing by you as you get the faint whisper of a moment. I really like the fact this track feels just how it sounds with this cavernous moment. The lead melody isn’t overdone, it’s not too simple, and it’s super clean. A shimmering guitar that backs brings an astral quality that I thoroughly enjoy. I find that to be something not often used and when it is, I find it a nice reprieve from the usual hard-hitting instruments. Especially with deep tracks like this.

‘In Your Eyes’ is a great song to wake up and make your ritual coffee or tea to or watch the sunset too. It’s a perfect grounding song, very much something like an Apéritif that can be served at the beginning or end of a set.

Start your day with this brilliant melodic track by Nora En Pure. If it’s late where you are, wind down with it. You won’t regret the listen!

Nora En Pure – In Your Eyes