Minecraft Virtual Festival Changes Name and Date

Rave Family, the organizers for Electric Blockaloo, have changed the festival’s name and date. Due to new update issues and backlash, they needed to make these sudden changes. The Minecraft festival will now be taking place on July 9th – 12th. Unfortunately, due to the unknowns of a new update, the servers will not work on the previously set dates. Therefore, Rave Family believed that it was best to move the dates so they can ensure that everyone can attend the event.

Event organizers have also changed the name of the festival due to backlash they received from a small group of “hateful people” who were not identified. Although Electric Blockaloo was meant to pay homage to the funk and break dancing movement, some people had an issue with it. As a result, the Minecraft festival will now be named the Rave Family Block Fest.


There has been recent concern that this new virtual festival may not happen as expected. People are raising questions as to whether Rave Family has the ability to hold a festival as large as this. One of the reasons is because the Electric Blockaloo website was down. However, we now know it was due to the festival’s name change. Besides this, concerned attendees have also seen that the artists on the lineup have not been interacting about the festival. Although it may not seem minor, this can easily serve as a red flag for fans. Hopefully, the festival will take place successfully.

For more information on the event, make sure to visit the Rave Family Block Fest Discord Server. If you plan to “attend” the video game festival, then make sure to purchase a pass. The artist’s guestlist links and passcodes have also been posted.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Rave Family Block Fest.

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Posted by Rave Family Block Fest on Saturday, 20 June 2020