London Design Museum Holds Electronic Music Exhibition

The electronic music culture increases its activity with the opening of an exhibition at the London Design Museum. The showcase named ‘Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers‘ is now open.

Although the exhibition did not start as scheduled due to the COVID 19 spread (from 1st April to 26th July), it will take place during this summer. As the government took measures against keeping exhibition spaces open during the evolution of the pandemic, the dates got postponed.

About Design Museum’s Electronic Music Exhibition

Attendees of this curious exhibition will be able to know in-depth the hypnotic world of electronic music. Moreover, the showcase is also about discovering its global impact from underground movements to the mainstream. Regarding the artists involved in this cultural activity, you can find appearances from Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Jean-Michel Jarre, and many more.

The fun does not end there, as the exhibition will also feature a 3-D experience surrounding electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. Besides, the French veteran Laurent Garnier will put the musical tone with a custom soundtrack for the exhibition.

We can’t wait to welcome everyone back. There couldn’t be a better exhibition to reopen with. A powerful statement about creative freedom across music, art, technology, and design, which will be celebrating what many of us have missed the most during the lockdown.

Tim Marlow, the Museum’s Chief Executive and Director

A Showcase With Anti COVID-19 Measures

Nowadays it is very important to keep and respect anti-COVID-19 measures, and this showcase will do so. London Design Museum will follow all the health procedures putting every single safety measure in place. Some of them include a reduced capacity, social distancing rules, and the compulsory wearing of face masks. You can find more information about the Electronic Music Exhibition at the London Design Museum in this link

Despite fighting illegal raves and street parties, prime minister Boris Johnson announced that lockdown restrictions will not be lifted tomorrow (1st August) for higher-risk settings. Some of these sceneries include indoor music and theatre performances, pilots of crowds in sports centers, and wedding receptions of more than 30 people. Due to the new outbreaks, the United Kingdom will have to keep following safety procedures. On top of that, face masks will be mandatory in museums, cinemas, and galleries. Moreover, new rules will be enforceable by law from the 8th of August.