Josh Pan Presents a New Creative Platform for Artists Called Matter

When it comes to creativity in producing, artists draw inspiration from one another. It’s important to get different opinions on how to enhance a track. In the electronic music industry today, some artists struggle to find the opportunity to receive feedback or gain inspiration from other like-minded creative geniuses. Here is where we introduce the solution to this issue in a new platform called Matter.

An artists that has done it all is Josh Pan. From collaborating with some of the biggest artists in the world such as Skrillex to performing atop festival stages including Ultra, Pan has climbed his way to stardom. In an effort to create a space for creatives to share their projects, Pan along with Paul Meed founded a platform called Matter.

Matter is a way for artists to connect with other artists from anywhere across the globe. Some of the biggest features Matter offers are the following:

  • Upload and stream uncompressed audio with no ads
  • Marketplace to sell any digital content (beats, samples, cover art)
  • Horizontal payment splits to share revenue
  • picture, GIF, and video hosting
  • text posts (tweeting and reposts)
  • interactive global and artist live chat

Matter also allows artists to monetize on their work with ease. From instant PayPal withdrawal to weekly royalty payouts, artists will get paid conveniently.

To sign up for a free account with Matter, click here now!