Joseph Capriati's 'Metamorfosi' Album Debuts September 4th

Italian techno heartthrob, Joseph Capriati’s new album is debuting September 4th. Titled ‘Metamorfosi‘, we see its release on his Redimension label.

News of this comes from a 1-minute teaser video posted on Capriati’s social media profiles and Redimension YouTube channel. More importantly, a tagline telling us to “stay tuned” is even more of a dead giveaway. Mixmag initially reported a digital album release plus a 3×12″ vinyl and CD. The album consists of 12 tracks with numerous collaborations. ‘Spirit Brothers’ is a special track featuring Louie Vega. It is dedicated to Capriati’s inspirations for the song.

Everyone Joseph plays for becomes a loyal acolyte. Firstly, he is one of techno’s most in-demand headliners. With an extensive and accomplished discography, his performances rage like no other. Secondly, at the humble age of 11, he learned the ways of Naples’ techno pioneers, Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone. Naturally ascending through the ranks, he mastered his craft and is here today.

Thirdly, his brand of slick and emotive techno gives him the precision and flair for the genre. Infectious energy is the main side effect of his music. A staple among the global club and festival circuit, he is a mesmerizing performer.

No doubt this album is going to showcase just how much his skill means to him. Moreover, you’ll listen to perfect grooves of smooth, Italian techno sound.

For a tiny hint of what’s to come, here is the full tracklist below.

  1. Improvvisazione
  2. Beautiful Morning
  3. Spirit Brothers (with Louie Vega)
  4. Anything Is Possible
  5. Dust
  6. New Horizons (feat. James Senese)
  7. Metamorfosi
  8. Psychic Journey
  9. Goa
  10. It’s All About Love
  11. Love Changed Me (with Eric Kupper feat. Byron Stingily)
  12. Let’s Change The World

“Techno is the door, Groove is the key.” – Joseph Capriati

Check out the YouTube teaser trailer below and get chills.