Here's Why Illenium Isn't Streaming During Quarantine” />

During the quarantine period, fans have participated in and seen a plethora of livestreams and virtual festivals. These virtual shows have been a great way for people to discover new music and watch their bucket list artists play. However, there are a few who have been noticeably missing from all this. Illenium is one of them.

Illenium spoke to his fans in a private Facebook group, explaining the situation. He explained:

“Just wanted to quickly address the live streaming a set thing I won’t be live streaming any sets during this time. The main reason is because I don’t have a new amazing show to showcase and ascend just finished and that’s online everywhere. I’m loving how supporting the community is of the other artists doing streams but I’m really focusing on music right now and saving the live experience for our first time back together in a proper setting. Couldn’t be more stoked on the music I’m currently working on though!! Lots of dope stuff to come!”

Illenium’s full statement

It’s the personal decision of artists on how they want to spend their time in quarantine. With the reason of making new music, fans can’t be mad at Illenium for not streaming virtual sets. He’s been working on a new collaboration with Said The Sky.

Fans are welcome to watch him make new music on Twitch and occasionally play first-person shooter games.