First Socially

The Arkansas governor has stopped the first socially distanced concert in Arkansas, which was announced last week with country artist Travis McCready

According to guidelines set by the governor’s office, indoor concert venues can reopen with a capacity of 50 or fewer people.

The concert had implemented social-distance recommendations, including assigned seats at least six feet apart per “fan pods” with only 229 people inside the venue (originally has a capacity of 1100 people), temperature check when they arrive and employees wiping the touch points.

“Even if you are going to have 250 people at a venue, you still have to have a specific plan that would be approved by the Department of Health. None of that was done in this case. It is out of time.”

Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas Governor

Arkansas governor stops concert

People set their sights on the event and bought almost every available ticket. However, the Arkansas governor is stopping the party before it begins. The concert doesn’t have approved government-mandated health standards in its plans. Also, it would take place three days before the authorized date of reopening.

“You can’t just arbitrarily determine when the restrictions are lifted. That is something that is done based upon a public health requirement”

Asa Hutchinson , Arkansas Governor

Promoter Reaction

Temple Live intends to put the show on. They announced that they will continue with another date announced for Saturday in Michigan.

“If the order is defied, Hutchinson threatened to revoke TempleLive’s liquor license. That alone could severely impact the venue, though the state also has other weapons at its disposal, including a full revocation of the venue’s business permit. Still, TempleLive has not yet canceled the gig, and still lists it on its website.”

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Meanwhile, Temple Live representatives have confirmed to Billboard that they plan to do the event on Friday through Facebook Live. They postponed the concert to avoid problems.

Arkansas governor stops first socially distance concert
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They describe the governor’s statements as “discriminatory” since churches and religious cults have no capacity limits.

“Churches are going on with no capacity limits at all. It is completely different story in this area with the statistics and everything, which is why it didn’t seem like a such a big deal a few weeks ago when Mike [Brown of TempleLive] called me”

Travis McCready, country singer .

The show would be a starting point towards the reopening of events and concerts in the United States and worldwide, ( considering we are a little tired about livestreamings) . Although it seems not the time to continue with the party and the concerts.