Duke Dumont's 'Ocean Drive' Vocals Were First Offered To The Weeknd

In a tweet, Duke Dumont shared that his smash hit ‘Ocean Drive’ was originally offered to The Weeknd. In response to a fan suggesting the two get together, Dumont revealed he initially reached out to the artist to work on ‘Ocean Drive’ but ultimately went with Boy Matthews.

Duke Dumont has marked the world of electronic music since mid-2010 with catchy, deep house, radio-friendly productions. He was one of the first DJs to mix classic house tropes with the punchy pop beat. In just two years, he reached the highest position on the charts in the UK with his singles. He has also captivated specialized electronic music media and artists such as Pete Tong.

Despite having many tracks at number 1, he considers himself far from his goal as a musician. Making it clear that having many songs as summer hits doesn’t mean that he is a successful musician. Despite mentioning this, he continues to accumulate successes in terms of popularity.

He is currently one of the most recognized producers in dance music, often seen playing at major festivals and with tracks at the top of music charts. One of those songs is ‘Ocean Drive’, which climbed to #13 in the World Hottest 100 of 2015.

“If you put this on the album, it’s going to go gold or platinum straight away because it’s got half a billion streams on YouTube and millions on Spotify.”

Record Label To Duke Dumont for Billboard

Duke Dumont has always wanted quantity and quality in his productions. And that stands true with ‘Ocean Drive’, which features the perfect match between a pop sound, deep house design, and amazing Boy Matthews vocals. Have you imagined that song with The Weeknd on the vocals? Things would certainly sound different if The Weeknd had agreed to sing ‘Ocean Drive’.

Naturally, the fans went crazy when they found out about this. Do you think The Weeknd missed what would be one of the best collaborations of his life?