DJ Snake Reveals Malaa X Fisher Is Coming And House Is Not Ready For This

BIG NEWS! I Repeat, BIG NEWS INCOMING! A collab between the most mysterious DJ in EDM, Malaa, and tech-house giant Fisher is on its way! If there’s one thing 2020 has provided, it’s good music. There have been fire releases by our favorite artists all over the place. Now, if you’re a house-head, Malaa X Fisher is the ultimate release that might be on it’s way.

DJ Snake Reveals Malaa X Fisher Collab

Today, during a stream by the major g-house Don Malaa, we found out some pretty big news. According to French DJ/Producer DJ Snake and long-time Malaa’s friend, a collaboration between the masked DJ and Australian DJ/Producer Fisher might be hidden somewhere waiting to be released. You can watch the repetition for this amazing live stream here!

DJ Snake Reveals a Malaa X Fisher track might be on its way

With 2020 being THE year of house, a Malaa X Fisher track would be the pièce de résistance, the crown jewel, the ultimate highlight. Malaa’s brought G-house into the spotlight. His ghetto, underground, illegal image gathers thousands to experience underground raves filled with the nastiest beats house has to offer. Fisher, on the other side, has completely taken over tech-house. Everyone who’s been to a club in the past 2-3 years has listened to ‘Losing it’. The DJ’s particular persona, as well as an amazing onstage persona and a pristine track selection making him one of the most solicited acts inside the industry. Now, these two giants finally meet for what will surely be an amazing track!

With all of this, who can say no to a Malaa X Fisher track?! I can’t wait to find out what these two have created together! Fisher’s strong, brass filled drops meet Malaa’s hip-hop house fusion for what will surely be one of the best tracks of the year! Are you excited?! I definitely am! Malaa X Fisher is coming to change the game of house as we know it!