Destructo Reveals There Were Plans For TomorrowWorld Return

Recently, music producer Destructo, also known as Gary Richards, revealed that there were plans to bring back TomorrowWorld to the United States. However, it seems that it may not make a return any time soon.

There were plans for TomorrowWorld, according to Destructo.

According to a post made on the People of Tomorrow (Tomorrowland/TomorrowWorld Facebook Group, Richards spoke about TomorrowWorld, live with Kat Bein, a freelance writer for publications such as the Miami New Times, Billboard, and more. Fans were able to tune in and participate in a Q&A. One fan asked why the highly missed festival has yet to make a return. Richards is the President of LiveStyle, an event production company that handles many festivals, one of them being TomorrowWorld. Ultimately, Destructo has the ability to bring back the festival if the opportunity presented itself.

Richards answered the question, stating that there were plans to bring back TomorrowWorld, but it didn’t seem doable. According to the post, the cost to run the festival in the United States would cost $30 million – $40 million. As a result, LiveStyle would not have the financial means to bring it back in the near future.

Certainly, it seems that TomorrowWorld will not be returning anytime soon. However, it still doesn’t hurt to hope that it will someday.

Stay tuned for future updates on TomorrowWorld.