Carl Cox Speaks Out in Midst of Fury Over Tour Manager Fundraiser” />

In a long Facebook post, Carl Cox finally reacted to the huge backlash he and many other artists are receiving.

It all started when Carl Cox, Nicole MoudaberDubfireSeth TroxlerHitoPaco OsunaJoseph CapriatiThe Martinez BrothersCarnage, and Alan Fitzpatrick participated in an initiative called Tour Managers Not Touring (TNT). The goal was to raise donations for their tour managers who are currently out-of-work due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The Reactions & Backlash

Next thing they knew, they were in the middle of a huge wave of criticism from fans and people in the industry. The campaign was heavily criticized for asking for money from fans who are already going through a historical economic crisis. While the artists participating in the campaign themselves are wealthy enough to take care of their teams.

Many people reacting, including Maceo Plex argue that any raised money should be directed to real charities and people who actually need this kind of help. This includes people facing serious difficulties, health workers, hospitals, and COVID-19 relief funds.

Carl Cox’s Response

After these reactions, the campaign’s dedicated pages went offline and Carl Cox came explaining himself through a statement on Facebook.

I’m sure the tour managers involved in the TNT sessions can agree that in hindsight the video they put out could have been presented and worded in a better way. But things happen and people make mistakes.

Carl Cox

Besides blaming the way to the video was put on by the campaign, the Techno legend insists that what is happening is a “social media crazy train that has gone into overdrive once again“.

There was no suggestion ever made that this was to cover “wages” that is simply ridiculous and I feel saddened that this has even been suggested.

Carl Cox

Carl Cox ends his statement insisting on the importance of going back to the music, removing all negativity and not “speculating over something that has been done and supported with love“. Without taking responsibility, apologizing, or initiating actions to help the tour managers or other charities, what is definitely clear is that the DJ is trying to put the whole story under the rug.

While many fans’ reactions support the DJ and insist on his past generous actions. The majority seem to not be convinced by Carl Cox’s arguments.

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