A&B's Tony McGuiness Will Recreate Trance Around The World 1

Tony McGuinness of Above & Beyond is making it all happen! His latest live-stream on Twitch has thrown up a pleasant dash of nostalgia that will definitely be eagerly awaited. “My next stream, or the other one after, will be a recreation of of TATW OO1,” he said. The same was confirmed through a series of tweets involving the legend himself.

It was undoubtedly their radio show Trance Around The World (TATW) that made Above & Beyond household names in the global trance community and elevated them to the podium of greatness. The legendary radio show created unmatched ripples with a reach of approximately 30 million listeners in over 35 countries each week. It finally drew its curtains in November 2012, eventually paving the way to the more progressive house oriented ‘Group Therapy Radio’.

Originally aired on January 13 in 2004, the first episode of TATW is the first in the line of 450 mesmerizing episodes that spanned over 8 years. It featured a guest mix from Mirco De Govia as well. Here’s the original track-list :

Above & Beyond

01. OceanLab – Satellite (Above & Beyond Original Mix)
02. Whirlpool – Under the Sun (Filo & Peri Bangin’ Mix)
03. Ernesto vs Bastian – A Few Seconds After Trancefer
04. Delerium feat. Nerina Pallot – Truly (Signum Club Mix)
05. Super8 – Alba [Record of the Week]
06. Chakra – I Am (Above & Beyond Remix)
07. Endre – Kallocain (Robert Nickson Remix)
08. St. John vs Locust – Mind Circles
09. Robert Datt – 2v2
10. Mark Otten – Halifax
11. Sarah McLachlan – Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden’s Antigravity Mix)

Guest Mix: Mirco De Govia

01. Miro By Your Side (Ronski Speed Mix)
02. LNG – Inter City
03. Sun Decade – Follow You (Extended Vocal Mix)
04. Robert Nickson – Spiral
05. Armin van Buuren – Burned with Desire (Ronski Speed Dub)
06. Envious – Touched By The Sun
07. G&M Project – Sunday Afternoon
08. Mark Norman – Faith [Stuck In The Box]
09. Nitromethane – Religion [Anjunabeats Exclusive]

Time to rewind our lives 16 years ago, right at the comfort of your respective homes! If you weren’t born, you are on the verge to witness the replication of one of the most iconic moments that shaped the future of dance music. Bring it on, Tony!