Above & Beyond ft. Zoe Johnston

The wait is over, as Above & Beyond will be releasing their smashing single ‘Reverie‘ this Friday. Featuring vocals from Zoe Johnston, she is a staple vocalist to their releases.

This revered tune first played at ABGT 350. From its beautiful melody to Zoe’s emotional words, it draws everyone into what A&B is all about. Everyone that has heard this defines it as simply gorgeous and absolute goosebumps. It could be considered one of their best vocal tracks, wouldn’t you say?

Has there been a moment that stopped you in your tracks? This song is it. Some have heard this at Omnia in Bali, while others have heard it vicariously through others. Either way, the song is now going to be yours forever this week. With a pre-save link down below, don’t miss out on getting this song.

Some say life is made of small moments like this. Well, we wouldn’t be mad if you shed a few tears while listening to this. We know it’s been a tremendous time of change since quarantine began. In fact, the live entertainment industry suddenly feels like the forgotten stepchild in this economy’s recovery. All we can do is stay strong together, as Paavo and Tony have been guiding us to do.

Our artists have not forgotten us and so they continue to work through this downtime in giving us the music we love. If you need a drink, a dance, an escape from life, or anything far and few in between, music is there. Let’s not lose hope in what we’ve lost so far, and be hopeful for the future.

Those that work hard to give us live events and artists that spend days upon years of life to produce music that makes the world turn. That is why we are here. Let’s be the voice that gets heard for the industry that we love.

The Buy/Stream link is here, so save now!