Method Man Rolls Through With The "Grand Prix"

Method Man gets ready for “Meth Lab II: The Lithium” with “Grand Prix.”

Method Man has slowed down on the music game to focus on movies and television but that’s not to say that he hasn’t been putting in any work at all. He hasn’t released a whole lot music in recent times but the legendary emcee is getting ready to drop his new album, Meth Lab II: The Lithium. It’s the follow up to the 2015 project that served more like a compilation than an actual studio album since there was only one solo Meth track on it. Today, the rapper comes through with a brand new solo track f his upcoming project and reminds us that he hasn’t lost his touch one bit.

Method Man returns with his latest track, “Grand Prix.” The song serves as the first solo track we’ve heard from him a minute. The rapper’s new track finds him flexing his effortless flow and slick wordplay throughout the hypnotizing production.

Meth recently spoke to Billboard about his forthcoming project. Although he’s been on his acting tip lately, he says that he had to remind people that he’s an exceptional emcee.

“I can rhyme my ass f, that ain’t nothin’ new,” he said. “People already knew that, but they just tend to forget. Every now and then you’ve gotta remind them.”

Quotable Lyrics
I ain’t a minor teen spirit, ain’t Nirvana
Call me Pro-Meth, it’s clear this kind syrup ain’t Jemima
Baby momma drama, tryna act like she Madonna
Like a virgin but I’m certain this person a piranah

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