Maxim Schunk, Raven & Kreyn Flip Classic R&B Track With 'My Name'

What better way to dive into the nostalgia music than to listen back to a classic song that I’m sure you all have heard many times before. ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child just recently received a flip from three great artists, Maxim Schunk, Raven & Kreyn. They turned this classic into a track fit for this modern era dance music.

‘My Name’ is an upbeat fury both rhythmic and smooth house beats that draw you in immediately. It’s complete with everything you could ever ask for, equipped with beautiful melodies over top the wonderful vocals BISHØP. The artists’ take on this classic song will only leave you wanting more, bringing in the style the 90’s wth a modern future house twist. It is a piece music that is undoubtedly ready to smash at any festival coming up this summer.

Check out Maxim Schunk and Raven & Kreyn’s new track ‘My Name’ below…

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