LNDN DRGS Bless "Won't Holler" Remix With Jay 305, Payroll Giovanni & Freeway Rick Ross

The deluxe version “Aktive” comes with this new remix.

There’s some criteria that you’ll need to consider if you’re trying to score a date with Jay Worthy LNDN DRGS. The first is that you absolutely must be a “bad b-tch.” The second, course, if that you have to be on an even playing field with him in terms conversation. If you’re talking money, you’ve got that one covered. All this is discussed in the remix to “Won’t Holler.” The duo  Jay Worthy and Sean House just released a deluxe version their debut album Aktive and the remix to “Won’t Holler” is one the previously unreleased joints to see the light day.

Featuring Jay 305, Payroll Giovanni and FreewayRick Ross, the remix is a welcome sight. Of course, the appearances by their mentor A$AP Yams are still on the deluxe edition Aktive. Yams may not be here anymore but LNDN DRGS are doing him proud with tracks like this.

Quotable Lyrics:

Young h-e stay quiet no loud mouth
Speak when you’re spoken to, otherwise stay down
Hey, I’m in the game like G down
PGO style, you know when the P round

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