Last Heroes Create Melodic Dubstep Gold in Dimensions

Last Heroes have dropped Dimensions, a MONSTER melodic dubstep track. In a genre that was labeled dead, or at least dying, two young producers on the scene have breathed a bit life. Surely I am joking, by no means has the genre ever been in any trouble, with artists around like Seven Lions, Said The Sky, Xan Griffin, Illenium… melodic dubstep might arguably be at its peak. Last Heroes are no strangers to the scene, having worked with producers such as Au5, Crystal Skies, and Just a Gent. You may have heard Seven Lions mix in a beefy version the (Just A Tune X Last Heroes flip) his track Cusp as recent as this past EDC.

The intro for Dimensions set up a vast landscape. A guitar cries out notes in the distance as the synths are carried along with by carefully placed wood knocks. You can feel the drop begin to suck the air out the atmosphere created by Last Heroes. What transpires next is the embodiment a melodic dubstep drop. An expansive energy burst shaped by wobbly synths bend the song in different directions; this drop is massive. At the much-needed break, you are left to gather your thoughts and emotions only to look up at the wall sound headed your way. The track closes out with a punch to the face. The drums crash down as dark growls close out this well-crafted song. This one left me exhausted, see for yourself below.

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