Kaskade Officially Cancels Sun Soaked 2019

Kaskade Officially Cancels Sun Soaked 2019
Kaskade Has Cancelled His Annual Sunsoaked Event

Kaskade’s annual Sun Soaked event taking place in Long Beach has officially been cancelled. In a Twitter post, Kaskade shared the heart-breaking news with his fan base:

This comes as a shock to all fans, but sadly, the signs were there. Four days ago, an e-mail went out to all ticket holders letting them know they could purchase $50 tickets for their friends. This is never a good sign. Expanding the event from one day to two also proved to be an insurmountable challenge. City logistics are difficult to navigate for two days, and previous years already saw many horror stories about getting into the festival itself.

The full lineup was also being relentlessly trashed on social media. Lack of star-power outside of Kaskade was leading lots of fans to question their decision to attend. The full lineup included Logic, Grimes, Quinn XCII, Ayokay, Brohug, Charley Jordan, Ravell, Nox Vahn, Wenzday and Zaya. While these names produce some great music, perhaps another “household” name could have propelled ticket sales.

In a nice move, all ticketholders are being automatically refunded within 21 days without further action needed. We feel for Kaskade. He loves this event and has always put on a great show. He tried to hear fan complaints to produce a show he was proud of. At the very least, he didn’t go for a money grab and force an event that wasn’t coming together (*cough* Fyre Festival *cough cough*).

Sadly, it didn’t come together this year. We know it will be back to the drawing board, and he should come back with something better than ever. Chin up, Ryan – we love and appreciate you!

Kaskade Officially Cancels Sun Soaked 2019
Kaskade at Sun Soaked 2018

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