Gorillaz Bring Sharp Grooves On "Tranz"

A new track from the act’s pared-down “The Now Now.”

Primarily known as a hyper-collaborative collective, Gorillaz new project The Now Now temporarily closes the band’s circle, making it the closest they’ve sounded like a Damon Albarn solo project since 2010 iPad experiment The Fall. With that being said, a song like “Tranz” still brings the maximal grooves the act has become known for, but it’s up to Albarn to fill the remaining space with his own vocals. It contains one the most immediately catchy hooks on the album, which makes it a great selection to kick things into gear on track 2. Albarn’s voice is layered over itself in two octaves, allowing it to rise above the dynamic synth riffs that interlock at the song’s climax. 

Though largely fronted by Albarn, the album does contain a few guest appearances from the likes Snoop Dogg, George Benson, and Jamie Principle. It follows the massive 26-track Humanz from 2016 with a modest 11. The album is available across all major streaming services.

Quotable Lyrics:
When you get back on a Saturday night
And your head is caving in
Do you look like me, do you feel like me
Do you turn into your effigy?
Do you dance like this?

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