Gareth Emery's Decade Debut, "You Are"

Even if you’re not familiar with Gareth Emery, you’ve most likely heard “Concrete Angel” or seen videos of his Laserface Tour at some point. He has millions of monthly listeners with his three albums- Northern Lights, Drive, and 100 Reasons To Live.

Emery’s long awaited album is right around the corner. “You Are” is the final release before the album. This fourth album will showcase a different side to Emery’s production skill set. Additionally, he wrote every song himself while using one vocalist for the entire album.

Gareth Emery states, “In many ways, this feels like my first album. It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Gareth Emery's Decade Debut, "You Are"

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As for 2020, we can expect the successor to Laserface. It’ll feature an even stronger production game by Emery alongside his trademark mind-bending lasers.

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