French Montana Adds Adam Levine To His Latest "Famous" Remix

French Montana jets back to Uganda for the “Famous” Remix.

The message in French Montana’s single “Famous” was always one manipulation. Holding back a partner for fear they will become too hollywood to stick around is like cheating at Bingo, right or wrong the result is satisfactory so long as you can live in good conscience. French Montana knows what it’s like to be on either end the post-breakup glow up, sometimes it doesn’t sit pretty.

Adam Levine has every reason in the book to play along. The Maroon 5 frontman has made a career out overly-romantic sayings and gestures. Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to leave his seat to mount sterile comeback, the music video is completely undertaken by talented individuals, a Ugandan dance troupe. 

The “Famous” remix video is shot exclusively where his “Unforgettable” journey began. Since filming his breakout pop song in the country, French has established a charitable foothold in the East African Nation, relative to his sizable contributions thus far in building a hospital for HIV/Aids patients.

Check out the choreography in French’s video, you won’t be disappointed with regards to that.

Quotable Lyrics:

I hope no one discovers you
Hope no one sees her
I hope no one falls in love with you
I’ve got my reasons
‘Cause if they knew what I know then I know I wouldn’t stand a chance
There’s no way you would go for a man like me if you had options.

-French Montana

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