Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival 2020 Tickets Officially Go On Sale

Earlier this year, Boca Raton had the chance to experience the dubstep music festival, Forbidden Kingdom, for the first time. The new music festival took the dubstep community by storm with a great lineup, a silent disco, and much more.

Today, Forbidden Kingdom 2020 tickets have officially gone on sale, starting at $79.99.The festival organizers have lowered ticket prices this year, making it much reasonable to attend this event. Taking place on February 16th and 17th, the 2020 edition is expected to have many surprises, such as having many more stages and possibly camping. If you are ready to experience two days of heart-pounding music that will have you going insanely hard, then it is time to purchase a ticket. Buy it now while the price is at the cheapest it’s ever been! You can purchase your ticket here.

Check out the Forbidden Kingdom 2019 Aftermovie below.

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