[WATCH] Experience Kingsday Like Never Before With Game-Changing Frenchcore DJ Sefa

Sefa is, without a doubt, the fastest rising act within the world of hardstyle in a long time. His rapid rise to success was unconventional due to his niche genre, Frenchcore.

Frenchcore is a subgenre of hardcore that has recently seen a massive boost in popularity, though the style has been around since the early 1990s. The genre is rooted in 200 BPM, making it something different from what most people consider to be EDM. Sefa’s unique twist on Frenchcore is influenced by both Classical Music and Hardstyle, making a never-before-seen fusion of styles, which has taken the Hard Dance scene by storm.

Since he was 11, Sefa worked hard on the genre to reinvent it and adapt it in a modern and melodic way. Since then, the producer has already performed on the mainstage of Defqon.1, the world’s largest hardstyle festival, as well as festivals like Tomorrowland and outside of Europe in the US, Asia, and Australia. He is known for his upbeat, seemingly unstoppable energy both on stage and in his music. Not only does he stand out in terms of his musical style, but in his attitude on life—he stays 100% sober and has read philosophy regularly from a young age.

Last year, we joined Sefa for three of his shows on Kingsday, the legendary Dutch party holiday. In honor of the holiday’s unfortunate cancellation this year due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are sharing this never-before-seen interview with the young Frenchcore superstar. Join us on a trip through three different parties in one day and learn all about Sefa, his life, music, and what led him to be in the unique position he is in today.


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