This Book Explores the Evolution of Electronic Music Through the Lens of 90’s "Beat Culture"

The modern electronic scene has come a long way since its fascinating beginnings, which were heavily influenced by the colorful "beat culture" of the 90s. The evolution of hip-hop and electronic music throughout the era has now been etched into a book called Bedroom Beats & B-sides: Instrumental Hip Hop & Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century.

Scheduled to hit the shelves this winter, the book explores "beat culture" through the lens of its author, Laurent Fintoni, who dedicated over 20 years to the project. It includes over 100 interviews with artists, music producers, DJs, and record label owners, all of whom were deeply immersed into the culture.

"This book is a deeply personal project that has consumed me for over 20 years," said Fintoni in a press release. "I hope it can do justice to the vibrancy and importance of the culture it seeks to celebrate and its people. I am grateful to Velocity Press for taking a chance on me as a first-time author and giving me space and support to tell the first, but hopefully not the last, version of this story."

You can preorder Bedroom Beats & B-Sides: Instrumental Hip Hop & Electronic Music At The Turn Of The Century here via Velocity Press.

Credit: The Vinyl Factory