New Program Aims to Create Opportunities for Deaf and Disabled People in the Music Industry

A new initiative has been launched to create opportunities for deaf and disabled people within the live music industry. The nonprofit organization Attitude Is Everything have partnered with the National Lottery Community Fund to spearhead "Beyond The Music," a program that seeks to gain representation for those who wish to work in the industry, but have unfortunately been historically underrepresented. 

"Attitude is Everything believes it is crucial that deaf and disabled people have full and equal access to any employment opportunities on offer," says Paul Hawkins, the organization's Head of Volunteering and Skills Development.

This initiative begins with a survey in order to gather responses from the deaf and disabled communities who work in the music industry or are looking to do so. The three-year program will then begin, and "Beyond The Music" will prepare deaf and disabled people to gain the necessary skills, experience, support, and contacts required to work or volunteer in the music industry. 

The program will also offer training resources and guidance for music businesses to better equip themselves for inclusivity within the working environment. "Beyond The Music" will build out a community network for those in the program to those resources over it's three year course, using the survey responses for continual research and development. 

Hawkins' sentiment serves as a mission statement for Attitude Is Everything. "'Beyond The Music' will allow us to try and identify why deaf and disabled workers are so underrepresented in the sector, and to take positive action to implement change."

For more information on the program, visit Attitude Is Everything's official website.